Sunday, July 20, 2014


This week I'm feeling so thankful for Tim. I had a crazy week. I love serving at the church and vacation bible school was so much fun,  but with a baby it took a lot! I didn't get enough sleep,  our house started getting messy, the laundry was piling up.  The worst part was that I was too busy to work out (my stress release). I'm usually a pretty cheerful person, but I was beginning to feel overwhelmed and my attitude showed it.
Tim saw that I was stressed out and put aside his other obligations to watch our baby while I worked at the church.  He met my coffee needs (that's a big deal for me, lol), encouraged me,  and helped out around the house.  I admit I had a few grouchy days, but he showed me so much intentional love... made me feel adored and important in the midst of my chaos. The truth is, he does this not just during vbs, but whenever I am weak, struggling, sad or overwhelmed.
Life is crazy.... it never goes how we expect it to, but somehow in it's turmoil I found blessings. If I focus on the messes, that's what I see..a mess. If I focus on the good, the love, the people who hold me up when I'm weak.... I am truly thankful!

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