Monday, May 26, 2014

Progress! All the Hard Work is Showing Results

Two years ago, I couldn't even do ONE girl push-up. Now I can do 30 REAL push-ups (with "semi" decent form). This might not look like great results, but considering I've never had upper body strength, this is a huge accomplishment! 

Due to new advertising restrictions I'm no longer promoting Omnitrition, but that's no reason not to continue to meet my fitness goals!!! I'm still pushing through my swimsuit challenge... Not sure when I'll consider myself done, but I'm loving the journey!

As I mentioned im no longer promoting omni. I love the products & still use the shakes on a daily basis, but they took away the ability to advertise via Facebook, Pinterest, blogs, etc. I'm a stay at home mom & want to keep it that way, so I need a company that allows me to work & advertise from home. For now I will still provide omni products, but I will not be promoting it. 

I'm currently looking for a new home business. Wow! The amount of choices out there is incredible! I have a few things in mind & can't wait to blog about it! One particular company I'm researching is brand new... I'd never heard of it before, & I LOVE what they sell... It would be a lot of fun! I'm not telling yet (because I'm looking at all options before I officially decide). So stay tuned! :)

Monday, May 5, 2014

Staying Skinny While Eating Bread! Low Carb, Wheat & Grain Free Recipe

First here is an update on my personal fitness challenge: Today's workout was cardio. Add that to painting and working in the yard all weekend, & I'm feeling it! I'm below my pre pregnancy weight and have built muscle, so I'd say I'm progressing well on my fit for summer goal!  I have to say, maintaining a healthy weight is easy when you have broken food addictions and don't crave carbohydrates anymore.

It's a gorgeous morning! can't wait to get outside & work in my yard a little more & maybe take a trip to Hood River this afternoon to play in the sun! But first I've got some bread baking to do! You heard me right! It's not what you think though! This bread is very low carb, and wheat/grain free!!!

Why no wheat? After losing 35 pounds a few years ago with hcg and breaking a carb addiction (read how by clicking here) I discovered I felt much better without wheat in my diet. I do still have it, but not every day, & certainly not every meal like I used to when I was addicted to wheat! I try to eat paleo with dairy (no grains, processed food, & sugar) about 75% of the time. 25% of the time, I eat whatever I want (I love candy).

This morning I am making this paleo sandwich bread for the first time! Here is the recipe:

I love Paleo recipes! It tastes like cheating, but I feel healthy and energized after eating this way. A donut just gives me a headache and a tummy ache. 

I know one of the biggest difficulties in eating "differently" is how to feed your family.. Especially the kiddos. Can I make an appeal here? Feed your kids the same way!!! Our families don't need all those refined carbohydrates and wheat either! Knowing what I know about nutrition, I'm raising my little guy (& strongly encouraging the rest of my family) to eat the same as I do.

Being ridged about it isn't the answer. My baby already knows that he likes French fries and frozen yogurt! However, I am mindful of his meals, making sure that 75% of them (or more) have a fruit, vegetable & protein emphasis. Yes... Baby still gets carbs, but a good portion of his meals are paleo. I rarely feed him baby cerealIf I do it's usually oats mixed with fruit. He loves eggs, Greek yogurt, fresh fruit, & chicken. He eats his veggies like a champ and only spits out his peaches :)

Here is his breakfast:
I love being healthy, & want good health for my family as well! Sure, I want them to enjoy my momma's apple pie & REAL Homemade rolls, but eating right most of the time allows us to enjoy the treats without allowing it to destroy our health.

Do you have an addiction to wheat, sugar or carbohydrates that you want to kick? Would you like to lose a few pounds and enjoy good health? I can help you! Message me on Facebook or email me @