Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Blaming Baby for Eating the Pie, a Paleo Recipe to Right My Wrongs, & Younique News!

Paleo Cauliflower "Potatoes"

I made Tim a delicious peanut butter chocolate pie for Father's Day. Yesterday I took little "slices" all day long. It was my breakfast, my lunch, my snacks... when I brought it back out after dinner last night I realized I'd eaten over half of it. If that's not bad enough, I tried to convince Tim the baby ate it! I'm all about having a piece of pie now and then, in fact I'm pretty sure pie is holy ;) however half a pie and using the baby as a cover up is probably crossing the line. 

Today I figured I'd better at least attempt to eat clean and get myself back on track. As I write this I'm cooking the cauliflower for one of my favorite "paleo" recipes. Cauliflower is used a lot in paleo and low carb eating. You can make pizza crusts from it, tortillas, and even mock rice! The mashed potato recipe is in my opinion the easiest and the best of them all! I'll give you two versions. One is similar to the one in the picture (taken from Paleopot.com) the other is my tried and true recipe I've been making for a few years now. In both versions the key to making it delicious is butter of course :)

Crock Pot Cauliflower Mashed Potatoes

Put one head of cauliflower florets in the crockpot
Cover with salted water or broth
Cook on high for 3-4 hours
Remove and drain, put in food processor or mash
Add lots of butter, a little salt, and any other toppings you enjoy like bacon, cheese (not considered stickily Paleo, but is ok with Primal Paleo, if you even care.. I don't), chives, etc.

My recipe is pretty much the same, only I boil the cauliflower so I can eat this right away!!!

This is so good! Promise! Babies like it too! Almost as much as they like pie ;)

Today was another leg day. Even though I'm well into this work out regime (over two months now) It still hurts some days. Today was that day (probably from all the extra pie weight). Some days I think "this is getting easy, time to up my weights". Today I kept looking over at baby who laughs at me though my entire work out and telling him "we should turn this junk off and watch Bubble Guppies instead, shouldn't we." Regardless, I finished the whole thing and feel great for pushing through.

I have exciting news regarding my Younique business! I'll be at the women's expo at the civic on the 28th! I can't wait! If you are reading this and are local, come by and check out the product. I think the virtual sales route is great, but the quality really needs to be seen in person. This will be a great opportunity for me to show people first hand why I'm so crazy over this makeup!

As always, you guys can message me here, on Facebook, or email me at karliejeanh@gmail.com

Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Younique New Business

Here it is! Younique Cosmetics. They are a new high quality makeup that understand the current trends & advances. Check out my before and after pics! I'm thrilled! I had chosen  not to put up the details of this company until I tried the product. If I don't absolutely love something, I'm not going to sell it. I'm VERY picky with my make up, and this stuff truly impresses me! The 3D lashes make my eyelashes HUGE! In a great way :) The makeup itself is beautiful, has a perfect texture, gorgeous colors & is NATURAL! This stuff is better than my Sephora stash of cosmetics, & that says a lot!
 After researching every home based company out there, why did I chose Younique? I fell in love with this company even before I tried the cosmetics. Their purpose is to empower women, allow opportunity to work from home, encourage us to love and uplift one another, while enhancing beauty inside and out. It's about building confidence and bettering ourselves. Now THAT is a purpose I can get behind! It's a new (less than 2 years old) company that is growing quickly. I'd never heard of it until a few weeks ago. There are no consultants in my area, & very few even in the Portland area. I truly get to get in at the beginning stages of this company! Talk about an opportunity! Want to know what else? They make it so I can run this business 100% online if I choose through social media, etc. Home parties are not necessary! Additionally, I get paid instantly! When purchases are made, my commission goes directly into my account. No waiting a month to get paid, & no autoship. I'm getting ready to start an online party. If you would like to learn more about these great products, let me know!