Saturday, March 22, 2014

My Personal Swimsuit Season Challenge!

My Muffin Top/Exercise Chart

Want to Do This With ME?
These are necessary:
*30 min of daily exercise (that includes cardio AND weights)
*A high quality liquid vitamin (I suggest Omni IV)
*Protein Meal Supplement (Most trainers will suggest supplementing with protein to effectively strengthen and tone. I'm using OmniFit)

Use the following products for Optimum Results!
*Omni Sport Drink mix (builds muscle, helps tone, adds needed nutrients that we deplete during a regular fitness routine
*Thermo Java and or Tea I would serve the tea iced! (This product is insane! It burns fat like crazy while boosting your metabolism. In fact it works soooo well I'm not taking it because I'm still nursing my little guy, but if I was not, it would definitely be part of this challenge, and I highly recommend it to anyone who wants to burn fat!)
I love summer! Warm nights that hold onto light, sweet tea and lazy afternoons at the river, baseball and BBQ (oh how I love BBQ!), cowgirl boots, painted toes, boho sun dresses, the front porch and my guitar.... homegrown vegetables, outdoor concerts, and hot weather! The hotter the better (90-100 degrees is PERFECT for me). By the time the August heat hits, most people begin to anticipate fall... not me. I would be content to live in summer forever!

Last summer I spent in my third trimester. We enjoyed the lake in June, but by July I was on bed rest, trying to move into our new home, and getting ready for baby. While baby was well worth losing a summer, this year I've got to make up for it!!!!

As much as summer and I click... there is one thing about it that gives me a touch of hesitation. Swimsuits. When I was 35 pounds heavier, I HATED swim suits (see how I lost the weight by clicking here). Now I don't mind them, but I still feel uncomfortable wearing them in public. This year I have decided I  am going to push myself to get that summer body I've always wanted!

Judgement Disclaimer * Now before you all go and judge me here (she's thin already, she has an abnormal fixation on her figure, blah blah); stop! This is not about being skinny, this is about being fit and healthy. This is about setting goals and accomplishing them.This is a gift to myself AND my family. I feel so great being strong and fit, not just on the outside, but on the inside! Feeling healthy is fantastic!  (:

Ok... back to my mission. I've challenged myself to lose fat and tone up for the summer. I've already lost weight previously through my HCG Diet. My goal here is not to lose any more, but to take my fitness to the next level!

Wanna know how I plan on doing this? Working out is a challenge with a baby, so I purchased a knock off of P90x at Big 5 for $14.99. It might not be to the same level as P90x, but it's affordable, and the workouts are only 30 min long. YES! That's about all the time I have to work anyway. I've been doing this nearly 3 weeks and have seen some results, but they have stalled... so I'm going to take it up a notch. I'm adding Omni Sport which increases energy, stamina, and muscle tone, as well as Omni Fit high protein meal supplement. Originally I was going to also include Omni Thermo Java and Tea, however this is so effective in burning fat, I am going to hold off while I'm still nursing a baby (babies need fat). With that said, I am not going to diet. My baby's nutritional needs come first. I will eat as I always do. I will not be changing anything else as I want my results to be an honest reflection of Omni products and 30 min of daily exercise.

I'll repost in a few weeks with before and after pictures! Also,  I've also got a client getting ready to start her HCG Diet and she just took her before pictures. She is willing to let me post her pictures of her results, so be looking for those on a future post too!!!! I'm excited to see how these products help me meet my goals to look awesome this up coming swimsuit season! I also encourage any of you that are interested to join me! 

Karlie Hodgen

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