Sunday, March 16, 2014

I Support Home Business Why You Should Too!

Baby helping his mommy work on her Omni business! 

I love watching people succeed! Whether it's a fitness goal, a financial goal, or a personal accomplishment, I get excited! 

Sometimes when we set goals, we have to get creative! What we want can't be achieved by doing things the way the rest of the world does it, so we think outside the box, get motivated, and get to work. 

I have goals.

I want to stay home with my sweet little guy. I want to be available to my children. I want to contribute to the family income. I want to help others. I want to be able to pour myself into causes I believe in, by works and finances! (I also want to go to Denver and watch the Broncos play win next year ;)

I've noticed a lot of my friends (real life and internet) are also thinking outside the box. If it's wraps, vitamins, make-up, or whatever, I have one thing to say. Good for you! I support you. Do you want to know why? 

               I understand your goals!
               I understand it's NOT about driving a fancy car, power suits, or motivational 
               It's about staying home with our babies
               It's about having more time to love those around us

               It's about a product we love and want to use and share

               It's about not killing yourself at your job & having time to do what we love

               It's about having enough income to make ends meet... maybe a little extra... 
                  maybe a lot extra!

Is the idea of making a great income from home a myth? Is there just some random couple back east who makes millions while the rest of us only chase a dream? Absolutely not! I've had three personal friends (all of which I knew BEFORE they succeeded in home business) make an exceptional income from home, and by exceptional I mean over $5000 a month (one of them is a fellow Omnitrition distributer!). I also have several friends (myself included with a past business) that have enjoyed a couple $100 extra each month. You have to work for it, but you have to work for anything, right! Also, did you know that 80% of all women who make over $100,000 a year do it through a home business? So, despite the skeptics, home business is a very valid way to make a little money....or a lot!

I think the key is finding the right fit. I'm really love my Omnitrition business! I've had an overwhelming response so far, and I'm so enjoying helping people meet their weight loss and fitness goals. I'm excited how quickly it's growing! I've never tried a better more effective weight loss product! I've got a great product and I know it! I'm also excited by some of the other home business products out there! I went to a party selling organizational products and pretty totes. I'm sold. I want all of it! I have a few friends selling wraps that shrink your tummy (how cool is that?). What ever you chose to promote, make sure it's a good product and you love it, then you can't go wrong!

When we support each other, we enable each other to reach our goals. Not every product out there is going to be for you, but there is some awesome stuff out there! I find that home businesses often have products of superior quality, are unique, and often on the cutting edge. Let's not bash each other for having goals, and choosing to "think out of the box" to accomplish them! Instead, let's empower one another to succeed! 

Karlie Hodgen

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