Saturday, March 29, 2014

How the HCG Diet Actually Works!

Here are the results of a guy who used the omnitrition HCG diet for only 14 days! Don't believe it? Read the article below on how HCG works! 
Do you want to know how HCG works? I've made some pretty big claims on the capabilities of using the HCG drops with diet. I mean, if someone tells you that you could lose 20 pounds in 23 days your going to doubt it. I know I did! That was until I watched my friends have this type of success with the diet. Then I just had to know HOW this could work! I found an article (that is not endorsed by Omnitrition) that explains it fairly well so I decided to post it for you all to read! 

*Here is my obligatory disclaimer stating that the below article or it's medical claims are not in anyway endorsed by omnitrition. HCG might do really cool stuff beyond weight loss, only I can't say all the amazing things it might do because no one wants legal drama.. ;)

"Dr. A.T.W. Simeons, an English physician specializing in treating overweight patients, noticed that human chorionic gonadotropin mobilized abnormal fat in patients that were taking it for other conditions.  After much research it was discovered that HCG corrects a poorly functioning hypothalamus gland so it can control your appetite and burn 2000 calories from the abnormal fat reserves.  As the abnormal reserves are released, patients lose weight, the body reshapes itself and as a pleasant side benefit, often the energy, blood pressure, blood sugar and metabolism are restored to normal. Consequently, besides losing weight, migraine headaches, fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue syndrome, arthritis, immunological and endocrinological conditions have reduced in intensity or disappeared.

Method:  You take a daily administration of HCG which burns 2,000 calories, 1500 calories from the abnormal reserves and 500 from the diet.  You will lose on average one pound a day, while modifying your body contour, and feel in excellent mood and energy throughout the program.  You will be doing all of this without excessive exercise, surgery or hunger.
You must take a minimum of 23 doses of HCG to a maximum of 40 to achieve a correction of the hypothalamic dysfunction.  Since HCG burns 2000 calories, you will only be allowed to eat 500 calories, but your appetite will be well controlled by the HCG.  At the end of the treatment you will go into Stage 2.  During Stage 2 you will reset the hypothalamus based on a pre-industrial revolution diet.  Before the Industrial Revolution people did not have easy access to starch and sugar.  Today, starch and sugar are so easily available, they are hard to resist.  By avoiding starch and sugar for 21 days, the hypothalamus will thereafter allow you to have a cookie with lunch or a piece of chocolate with dinner without a gain in weight.
Cravings and Keeping the weight off 
Double Blind studies have demonstrated that patients in the control group had cravings during the program while those receiving the HCG did not have cravings, lost more weight and kept it off. A 20 year study showed that 60-70% of patients kept the weight off permanently.  This program is the ONLY solution I know for “The Overweight Syndrome” here in America.  My patients tell me it is the easiest weight they have ever lost.  They lose their cravings within 72 hours and go through the treatment losing about one pound a day, effortlessly, without anymore exercise than walking 15-30 minutes 3 times a week or just staying active in their work or play.  No exercise program, diet drinks, will power or protein powders are required. You will eat ordinary healthy foods; you can drink coffee, tea, herb tea and enjoy social events with ease, regardless of what other foods are being served.  I did this program myself, lost 26 pounds in 26 days and never felt better in my life.  All these years it may have seemed like regaining your health was an endless series of diets, pills and powders.  I hope this challenges you to take responsibility for what might truly transform your appearance, health and energy once and for all."
This is the source of the above article www.drrickmarschall .com

Karlie Hodgen

Saturday, March 22, 2014

My Personal Swimsuit Season Challenge!

My Muffin Top/Exercise Chart

Want to Do This With ME?
These are necessary:
*30 min of daily exercise (that includes cardio AND weights)
*A high quality liquid vitamin (I suggest Omni IV)
*Protein Meal Supplement (Most trainers will suggest supplementing with protein to effectively strengthen and tone. I'm using OmniFit)

Use the following products for Optimum Results!
*Omni Sport Drink mix (builds muscle, helps tone, adds needed nutrients that we deplete during a regular fitness routine
*Thermo Java and or Tea I would serve the tea iced! (This product is insane! It burns fat like crazy while boosting your metabolism. In fact it works soooo well I'm not taking it because I'm still nursing my little guy, but if I was not, it would definitely be part of this challenge, and I highly recommend it to anyone who wants to burn fat!)
I love summer! Warm nights that hold onto light, sweet tea and lazy afternoons at the river, baseball and BBQ (oh how I love BBQ!), cowgirl boots, painted toes, boho sun dresses, the front porch and my guitar.... homegrown vegetables, outdoor concerts, and hot weather! The hotter the better (90-100 degrees is PERFECT for me). By the time the August heat hits, most people begin to anticipate fall... not me. I would be content to live in summer forever!

Last summer I spent in my third trimester. We enjoyed the lake in June, but by July I was on bed rest, trying to move into our new home, and getting ready for baby. While baby was well worth losing a summer, this year I've got to make up for it!!!!

As much as summer and I click... there is one thing about it that gives me a touch of hesitation. Swimsuits. When I was 35 pounds heavier, I HATED swim suits (see how I lost the weight by clicking here). Now I don't mind them, but I still feel uncomfortable wearing them in public. This year I have decided I  am going to push myself to get that summer body I've always wanted!

Judgement Disclaimer * Now before you all go and judge me here (she's thin already, she has an abnormal fixation on her figure, blah blah); stop! This is not about being skinny, this is about being fit and healthy. This is about setting goals and accomplishing them.This is a gift to myself AND my family. I feel so great being strong and fit, not just on the outside, but on the inside! Feeling healthy is fantastic!  (:

Ok... back to my mission. I've challenged myself to lose fat and tone up for the summer. I've already lost weight previously through my HCG Diet. My goal here is not to lose any more, but to take my fitness to the next level!

Wanna know how I plan on doing this? Working out is a challenge with a baby, so I purchased a knock off of P90x at Big 5 for $14.99. It might not be to the same level as P90x, but it's affordable, and the workouts are only 30 min long. YES! That's about all the time I have to work anyway. I've been doing this nearly 3 weeks and have seen some results, but they have stalled... so I'm going to take it up a notch. I'm adding Omni Sport which increases energy, stamina, and muscle tone, as well as Omni Fit high protein meal supplement. Originally I was going to also include Omni Thermo Java and Tea, however this is so effective in burning fat, I am going to hold off while I'm still nursing a baby (babies need fat). With that said, I am not going to diet. My baby's nutritional needs come first. I will eat as I always do. I will not be changing anything else as I want my results to be an honest reflection of Omni products and 30 min of daily exercise.

I'll repost in a few weeks with before and after pictures! Also,  I've also got a client getting ready to start her HCG Diet and she just took her before pictures. She is willing to let me post her pictures of her results, so be looking for those on a future post too!!!! I'm excited to see how these products help me meet my goals to look awesome this up coming swimsuit season! I also encourage any of you that are interested to join me! 

Karlie Hodgen

Monday, March 17, 2014

Beauty Beyond the Physical; Encouragement to Beautify Your Soul

Confession: I had diet coke and brownies for breakfast, so today is a good day to focus on something besides physical fitness ;)

I want to encourage others to live a "beautiful life", to set goals, succeed, overcome. So far I have put a lot of emphasis on the physical. Health and fitness are so important  to me that I have a strong desire to see others thrive in this area, however, the most important part of who we are has nothing to do with our physical bodies, but our souls. While I've said I'll keep this blog free of religious or political rants, I would be missing the point of having a beautiful life if I didn't put emphasis on the spiritual aspect of who we are.
 I want to share with YOU things that positively change and encourage me!
With that said, I'm asking you to check out the link below (I posted the link on Facebook a few weeks ago as well). If you share my Christian faith it will inspire you to live out God's love in a bigger way. If you don't share my faith, I think it will give you a better look at the true heart of God (not the judgment and hypocrisy Christian church folks sometimes portray). While it's addressed to women, I think the heart of the message would be pertinent to men as well. 
I copied my personal comment on the post so you could get a good idea of how it spoke to me. Now go check it out!
"This post confirmed what God was already stirring in my heart. Thank you for writing it! I can relate having been the other church lady for so many years, one who judged the single mothers. My perfect little Christian family only had room for other perfect people... only one day I realized I was not so perfect. Now I am the momma with a baby on her hip, praising God in the pews without a ring on my finger or a husband at my side. While I am not a "single" mother, I do appear to be at first glance (and I've made for some interesting gossip in our community, lol). Trust me, even in todays churches I still get judgment. If I was not already grounded in my own relationship with Christ, I would have walked away. It is out of obedience that I continue to stand in the pews. As I praise God at church he whispers in my soul "daughter, now that you are broken, I can finally use you." Unfortunately pride in my perfection was in the way of ministering to others before.
In your brokenness, God used you! This post is beautiful beyond words and resinates God's true desire for Christian women. Judgment and false perfection is SO ineffective. Thank you for your transparency and heart. You have put kindling on a movement that's ready to set fire, change lives, and grow the kingdom of God!" ~Karlie

Karlie Hodgen

Sunday, March 16, 2014

I Support Home Business Why You Should Too!

Baby helping his mommy work on her Omni business! 

I love watching people succeed! Whether it's a fitness goal, a financial goal, or a personal accomplishment, I get excited! 

Sometimes when we set goals, we have to get creative! What we want can't be achieved by doing things the way the rest of the world does it, so we think outside the box, get motivated, and get to work. 

I have goals.

I want to stay home with my sweet little guy. I want to be available to my children. I want to contribute to the family income. I want to help others. I want to be able to pour myself into causes I believe in, by works and finances! (I also want to go to Denver and watch the Broncos play win next year ;)

I've noticed a lot of my friends (real life and internet) are also thinking outside the box. If it's wraps, vitamins, make-up, or whatever, I have one thing to say. Good for you! I support you. Do you want to know why? 

               I understand your goals!
               I understand it's NOT about driving a fancy car, power suits, or motivational 
               It's about staying home with our babies
               It's about having more time to love those around us

               It's about a product we love and want to use and share

               It's about not killing yourself at your job & having time to do what we love

               It's about having enough income to make ends meet... maybe a little extra... 
                  maybe a lot extra!

Is the idea of making a great income from home a myth? Is there just some random couple back east who makes millions while the rest of us only chase a dream? Absolutely not! I've had three personal friends (all of which I knew BEFORE they succeeded in home business) make an exceptional income from home, and by exceptional I mean over $5000 a month (one of them is a fellow Omnitrition distributer!). I also have several friends (myself included with a past business) that have enjoyed a couple $100 extra each month. You have to work for it, but you have to work for anything, right! Also, did you know that 80% of all women who make over $100,000 a year do it through a home business? So, despite the skeptics, home business is a very valid way to make a little money....or a lot!

I think the key is finding the right fit. I'm really love my Omnitrition business! I've had an overwhelming response so far, and I'm so enjoying helping people meet their weight loss and fitness goals. I'm excited how quickly it's growing! I've never tried a better more effective weight loss product! I've got a great product and I know it! I'm also excited by some of the other home business products out there! I went to a party selling organizational products and pretty totes. I'm sold. I want all of it! I have a few friends selling wraps that shrink your tummy (how cool is that?). What ever you chose to promote, make sure it's a good product and you love it, then you can't go wrong!

When we support each other, we enable each other to reach our goals. Not every product out there is going to be for you, but there is some awesome stuff out there! I find that home businesses often have products of superior quality, are unique, and often on the cutting edge. Let's not bash each other for having goals, and choosing to "think out of the box" to accomplish them! Instead, let's empower one another to succeed! 

Karlie Hodgen

Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Sunshine, Teething Baby, and a Caffeinated To Do List

Today is a good day! Baby is still working on his first tooth and kept us up half the night, and I have yet to actually get anything done (besides the first two on the list), but for some reason I have a lot of joy and anticipation for today. Maybe it's because the sun is shinning, or maybe it's because I LOVE what's on my "To Do List" today! it's nothing exciting, but this is the first day I haven't gone into town in awhile. I truly enjoy a quiet day at home sometimes.

Karlie's To Do List


*Drink lots of coffee :)

*Fold Laundry :(

* Organize Baby's closet (We are getting ready to paint his room chocolate brown with powder blue accents and I've storing things in his closet. Time to de junk!)

*Drink more coffee

*Devote an hour to my Omnitrition business (I just got a new client yesterday. I'm so excited to work with her and help her meet her weight loss and fitness goals...YAY!!!!)

*Daily Workout (Today is cardio. I have been working really hard with my weights, so a day of only cardio is a welcome break for my sore muscles.)

*Soak in some sunshine!!! I think I'll put baby in the carrier, sweep off the walk way, and start planning where I'm going to plant my garden this year. 

*Try a new recipe for dinner "Paleo Bacon and Butternut Squash Cakes" (Recipe Below)

Does anyone else make lists? If it's written down, I usually do it! So with a fresh cup of coffee brewing (and it's rapidly approaching noon) I'm off to start working on my list! :)

Paleo Bacon and Butternut Squash Cakes

1 Butternut Squash peeled and chopped (I'm using frozen because who has time for chopping and peeling squash)
6 slices cooked bacon crumbled (I'm doubling this)
1 tbs chives
1/2 cup chopped red onion
1/4 tsp dried sage
salt and pepper to taste
1 tbs onion powder
coconut oil
Steam squash until tender then mash (or thaw the package if you go the easy route)
add sage, red onion, onion powder, bacon, salt, pepper, and chives.
Shape into cakes
Preheat coconut oil in skillet on medium
Cook cakes on both sides until brown and crispy
I'm going to serve this with sour cream (not paleo) and a green salad with raspberry vinaigrette

Friday, March 7, 2014

My Weight loss Story; How I Went From a Size 12 to a 2, Broke a Food Addiction, & Embraced a Fit Lifestyle!

The first picture is me a few years ago in a tight size 12, weighing over 160 pounds. I'm now a size 2 and weigh 128 thanks to the HCG Diet! Omnitrition offers the best quality HCG Drops on the market!

We all know how to lose weight, right? Eat less, exercise more... so why then is it so hard? I had spent most of my life at a healthy weight, however after having children and some difficult life events, my weight had slowly crept up. Three years ago I had reached my highest weight ever. On a small frame I weighed over 160 pounds and barely fit in my size 12 jeans. I was tired, depressed, and overall unhealthy. I tried everything to get the weight off. With a nutritional background I understood how to lose weight, but it was so difficult to eat less, and exercising with an additional 35 pounds was not easy. I would sometimes have success and lose a few pounds here and there, only to gain it back.

Why was it so difficult to eat less? Why would I start out my mornings eating right, only to fail that evening by binging on breads and sweets? Why didn't I have self control?

I had pretty much given up when a few of my friends started rapidly losing weight. These women had always struggled with their weight, so to see them finally successful, I had to know what they were doing. They told me about this crazy HCG diet. My first thought was "no way am I going to do that." I walked away from them thinking they would not continue to lose weight, and if they did, they would certainly gain it back. A few months later I ran into one of the woman again. She had melted down to a perfect weight, and had not gained any of it back. 

I am always a skeptic. I will research myself into a frenzy and doubt all claims, so even with the proof of watching two close friends succeed with HCG, I wasn't ready to jump on the band wagon. A few months later I ran into another friend. A woman from my church who I greatly respected had shed over 50 pounds. When I asked her how she did it, again, it was the HCG diet. It was then I thought maybe there was something to this HCG after all.

It was nearly three years ago when I finally decided to take the plunge and give this diet a try. I ultimately lost well over 30 pounds, went from a size 12 to a 2, and three years later have not gained any of it back! I even had a baby (was back to my pre pregnancy weight three months postpartum!)

Why was it different this time? Why did HCG work when everything else failed?

HCG did something that other diets did not. It reset my metabolism, broke my food addictions, and brought my body back to a place where it was balanced. After HCG, I had my self control back. I can have one bite of dessert and be content. I eat what I want, but also listen to the cues of my body. With the food addictions gone, I can now eat to live, not live to eat. I eat whatI want, because my body is now healthy, and it wants what it needs! My life is no longer controlled by food or diets. I am healthy, fit and free! 

I am passionate about fitness and nutrition. I want to see others succeed like I have so they can live without extra weight and food addiction taking up their precious time and energy. I'm all about health and safe weight loss which is why I chose to sell and promote HCG through Omnitrition. It is important to not only use superior quality HCG drops, but to take high quality vitamin supplements with this diet. Additionally, you want support! This is not something to do alone. I offer more than just a product or information to my clients, but support and motivation to succeed! There is the right and the wrong way to do this diet. To ensure optimum health and results, make sure you do it the right way! For more information on onmnitrition and HCG feel free to contact me with any questions, and visit my website at

Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Strawberry Cream Sorbet (My Favorite HCG Diet Treat!)

Take a handful of medium frozen strawberries, 1tbs milk, stevia to taste (vanilla cream stevia is extra amazing in this) and water to make desired consistency. Blend in a blender and enjoy! I would have this as my desert quite often during my HCG Journey.