Friday, April 18, 2014

Stale Oreos, Baggy Pants and a Few Weeks of Diet Food that Tastes Pretty Good!

Here are some of the Omni Diet recipes I made with a client yesterday. In two hours we made 11 meals (+ 4 salad dressings). I don't cook for all my clients... But this one is extra special :)

On Omni you retrain yourself how to eat. You spend a few weeks on a low calorie restrictive diet, but it results in breaking food addictions, comfort eating, cravings, etc. it's like you have a clean slate! Omni allowed me to retrain the way I eat and allow my body to break the addictions so I had the actual ability to follow through. 

Is it easy to give up your favorite foods? In the beggining, no. The products work together to fight cravings, suppress your appetite, detox, & rapidly burn fat. However, that first week, you miss the foods you relied on. When you don't cave into cravings, your body breaks those addictions fast. By the second week you don't even miss the foods. You now have control again! 

After about three weeks your pants are falling off and your desire to use food for anything other than nourishment is gone. You no longer live to eat... But eat to live. 

As you enter the second stage of your diet you begin to introduce foods back into your diet. This is where you find out what your body likes. I found out my body likes meat and proteins. Nuts, veggies, fruit, corn, oats and can even tolerate sugar! My body does not like wheat. Everytime I'd eat bread I'd feel sick.

Now think about that... I'd been eating so much bread before, & not realizing how bad it made me feel until I took it away. I was living my life consuming something that made me feel horrible and didn't even know it? 

I now avoid it. That doesn't mean I never have it. I'll still eat a hamburger, a cookie, more pizza than I should, or an occasional sandwich, but it's not at every meal like before, but a few times a week. But guess what! I'm totally ok with that because I'm no longer addicted to those foods anymore!

Wanna know something crazy? I have Oreos and chips in my cupboard that have gone stale. I didn't want them beyond the first few. They have no control over me. That's freedom!

Now back to the Omni Diet foods! Protein, veggetables, and fruits can be delicious and satisfying. Here are some of the recipes we made: Spicy lime chipolte chicken, chicken curry, Italian beef stew, cumin chili, Garlic ginger chicken with asparagus, strawberry freeze, baked apples with cinnamon. A few weeks of eating like this to lose 1/2 - a pound a day AND break food addictions? I think that is doable! As I mentioned above, it took us two hours and about $30 to make a weeks worth of single serving meals! 

The idea of giving up favorite foods for a few weeks might seem daunting, but with omni it's easier than you think! And so so worth it! You will get those foods back, but instead of them controlling you, you will be in control! Stale Oreos and your pants will fall off... Can't beat that ;)

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